Vino for Wino

Are You A Sales Driven or Production Driven Winery?  If you don’t know the answer, you need to know it.

What is your vineyard’s pedigree? Same answer, i.e., you need to know it.

Without knowing the answers to these two simple questions, creating a mission statement and a marketing and sales plan for your wine business product will be next to impossible. And in today’s competitive environment, if the retailer, restaurateur, consumer or any buyer, for that matter, doesn’t know the answers to these two questions about the product you are producing and selling, your wine or grapes will be overlooked at your expense.

Vineyard, grape and winery buyers are now kicking tires looking for distressed sellers. Sellers in highly desirable areas with detailed pedigrees are fetching higher prices and, consequently, are seeing the low-ball tire kickers gravitate towards other offerings, usually lower priced.

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