With the warm weather finally here, it is time to start thinking about getting ready for the summer. Repair and maintenance projects are getting underway. Property Managers are being readied for the coming season, HVAC inspections and filter changes are happening, sprinkler systems are being turned on, and landscaping is being upgraded and/or replaced to show off their colors. Now is a good time  for the  building owners out there to talk to your Property Manager about your ideas to improve the property and address issues that were delayed due to the cold weather. We wish everyone a happy summer!

As a property owner you probably are aware of how important it is for you to keep your tenants and their customers and employees comfortable. One of the best ways to make sure that happens is to get your commercial HVAC system regularly inspected and maintained. Here are a few of the benefits to getting your system maintained and serviced regularly.

We often see that large repairs are caused by smaller issues. During regular maintenance visits technicians will look for any small problems and issues that could cause more extensive damage. They will repair those problems early before they cause further damage. This could potentially reduce the need for more costly repairs.

The small problems that develop with your HVAC system can make it work harder than it needs to which decreases efficiency. By fixing those problems and lubricating moving parts you might be able to return some of that efficiency to your system.

A big reason why commercial HVAC systems fail is because small problems weren’t taken care of early. But when you have a professional technician regularly inspecting your equipment they will be able to find those things and fix them before they cause catastrophic damage.

As Daylight Savings time begins, property managers need to be cognizant of their property owners’ exterior lighting. Exterior common area lighting is typically controlled by a time clock, a photocell, or a combination of the two. With the beginning of daylight savings time, property managers need to be aware of the types of lighting controls at the properties they manage and ensure they are properly adjusted for the change in daylight hours. While property managers can make the changes themselves, it can be helpful to have an electrical/lighting professional make the necessary changes.

The benefit of engaging a lighting/electrical professional is that they can also perform a lighting inspection while onsite and make any necessary repairs to ensure the exterior common area lighting is fully functional. Having electricians coordinate their quarterly lighting inspections around the beginning and ending of daylight savings time will keep costs down and ensure the exterior lighting is fully functional.

It is that time of the year to begin to consider roof, gutter and drain cleaning. Familiarity with the foliage surrounding the building is helpful in having the cleaning performed at an appropriate point of the fall and winter seasons. If you suspect your roof might need some repairs, however minor, it’s very important that your roofing contractor identifies and corrects any problems well in advance of winter’s arrival. Roofing inspections are a very important part of an ongoing roof maintenance program and should not be taken for granted.