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Repealing The Affordable Housing Act

It’s no secret that California has a severe housing crisis. It is no more evident than in the Bay Area and all of the surrounding neighborhoods devastated by the “unending” Wild Fires. Finding a solution; solutions to this crisis calls for a myriad of co-ordinate efforts that involve not just owners, developers and builders but […]


It’s not just Cap Rates

Commercial Investment Valuations are typically presented as cap rate driven: the lower the cap rates, the higher the price. Investors have the challenge of balancing asset security and safety vs. an acceptable Cap Rate return. Security and safety include a matrix of attributes: Extended Lease Term, Quality Tenant with good credit history (and track record […]

1031 Exchange/Strategic Planning is the Key

The basic requirements of a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange appear simple enough. From the time you close escrow on an income property you own; you have 45 days to identify either 3 properties you may consider purchasing, or any number of properties that all add up to under 200% of the value of your relinquished […]


Someone recently approached me asking a question about Cap Rate Evaluations. In evaluating hundreds of cap rates, I have noticed the following well-known areas where I believe people “fudge” in order to “polish the cap rates,” and areas I believe deserve a little more scrutiny when looking at a Leased Investment. Here goes: “Pro-forma Income”: […]

ADA (Adults with Disabilities) Access Update

A GASp at CASp Oh where, oh where, do we begin in attempting to evaluate the recent California ADA Access requirements that may have created one of the most murky and predatory law environments for commercial property owners’ in California today? Before I begin, let me state that the quest to create access to the […]

Tax Deferred Exchange Primer

A Quick Guideline to the Art of the 1031 Exchange/2014 The New Year is a good time to re-visit the recent developments in the Capital Gains rates that were established in 2013. In essence; as predicted for years, the Federal Capital Gains Rate is “inching up” for high net worth investors from 15% to 20% […]

Locking out the Lockout Clause

So on a beautiful quiet day in pastoral Sonoma County, after almost 3 years my 61 year old client Diane finally received the final order from the Court. It was ordered that Bayview Financial/M & T Bank was to return the excessive PREPAYMENT/lockout fee that they had woven into the loan documents, unbeknownst to Diane […]

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The story goes that an ambitious young man was praying to God daily for months; intensely imploring the higher power to help him win the lottery. After many months of praying, the man received a message from the Lord, “Sir, if you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.” Investors serious […]