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CAP Rate? Cash on Cash? Or IRR?

CAP Rate, Cash on Cash Returns, IRR – What would you use to accurately evaluate the return on your investment? Having a set of principles, procedures and tools that assist in interpreting financial data is important in itself. More important though is the ability to truly understand and construct them. This is what turns them […]

Industrial Facilities

Quality industrial space in Petaluma has become increasingly scarce.   Food producers especially are looking at Petaluma to expand, some of which are currently negotiating with developers to build their specific requirements.  Petaluma has become a food and beverage center in Sonoma County, and demand is increasing.  Petaluma is an excellent hub location if you want […]

Jobs-Jobs-Jobs Mr. President

While the politicians and bureaucrats respond to the Tea Party and Wall Street, we in the commercial real estate business feel the sluggishness of real economy should be the focus and the most effective strategy is for government at all levels to back off regulations. Free business to do what it does best-innovate and create […]