Keegan & Coppin Office


We believe that unplanned collaboration, within the company and externally, through our various networks, is the key catalytic ingredient to individual potential and ulitmately our company's success.
  • As an organization, we consider ourselves entrepreneurial, nimble, adaptive and collaborative to serve a larger cause – The allocation of resources to provide the facilities, shelter, buildings and commercial facility infrastructure for businesses to succeed and grow in our community.
    We form informal teams to collaborate, plan, share technology and ideas and implement plans of action to meet our client's goals. We utilize our integrated platform of property management, construction and brokerage expertise to serve clients.
  • With respect to clients, we are involved specifically with the leasing and sale of existing facilities and land on which it is built, making sure companies make the best facility decision possible with all the necessary market information.
  • Above all to put our clients in all the above endeavors first with complete information, transparency and clearly defining alternatives and expected outcomes to enhance fully informed decisions and to execute marketing, property search and project and property analysis and management with expertise, diligence and with transparent feedback.
  • We represent the entire marketplace when showing a client lease space or investment opportunities and to use all of our experience and analysis knowledge to help clients make the best decisions.
  • We will maximize market reach and distribution by proactively using distribution channels – mail, internet, direct and indirect networking through ONCOR, ICSC, SIOR and other commercial network centers of influence.
  • Maximum service to the client, always improving – Equal treatment for all. Everyone in our contact purview is a potential client. All in accordance with Federal, State and Local Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity laws.
  • Motivate and maximize team collaboration in each office to enhance effectiveness in meeting our client's goals.
  • Responsiveness and continuous feedback in all matters. Marketing reports at least once per month.
  • All clients are treated with same respect and cordiality. All our employees, agents and partners are treated with mutual respect and compassion.
  • We constantly strive to do our best and improve our skills.
  • Utilize standard analysis templates. Don't try to wing it or revise it each time. Use our standard analysis sheets and Excel programs. If there are no standards, develop a standard template and share it.
  • We are a flat, egalitarian organization with 3 tiered management and with creation of informal teams to capitalize on our experience and diversity of skills to deliver maximum results to our clients/customers.
  • We respect, collaborate and foster relations inside and outside our organization to maximize our marketing reach and to add technical and marketing knowledge on a continuous basis to our platform.
  • We encourage professional continued education and technology transfer from one person to another with what we learn in all our transactions.