San Francisco, North Bay
Where the Ocean meets the Vineyards!
Sonoma, Marin, Napa & Solano County

  • Corporations and firms seeking an unparalleled way of life along with the less expensive facilities and operating costs, will choose the North Bay.
  • An unsurpassed quality of life known worldwide, with an emerging high-tech and info-tech company base.
  • A motivated and educated work force.
  • Lower operating costs, wages, and housing than elsewhere in the Bay Area.
  • Land, facility and construction costs are cheaper than elsewhere in the Bay Area.
  • A variety of housing and lifestyle choices: from rural ranchettes to splendid urban housing at the lowest prices in the Bay Area.
  • A growing, diverse economy. One of the best performances in the Bay Area. A dynamic entrepreneurial community.
  • Clean air, good schools, outstanding cultural programs.

The Pacific is as beautiful north of San Francisco as it is anywhere else.

  • Wine, the North Bay's agricultural jewel, adds culture, beauty, open space and industry.A network of rivers, streams, lakes, and open space provide unlimited recreational opportunities.
  • Music, arts, and a strong literary tradition compliments the North Bay's diverse technical and professional climate.
  • Mountains, streams, space, and responsible agriculture leave diverse and rich opportunities for wildlife to share the North Bay with us.
  • The North Bay continues its agricultural tradition with significant wine, dairy, and poultry industries.