Keegan & Coppin Vineyard – Winery – Ranch Division

Since 1976, Keegan & Coppin Vineyard – Winery – Ranch Division has been the North Bay's leader in helping clients realize the full value of their existing vineyard properties and future investment opportunities. Expertise in local viticulture, enology and lending set the company on a path of providing exceptional local market knowledge and astute, precise, and discreet business acumen for winery and vineyard transactions large and small.

Today, Keegan & Coppin Vineyard – Winery – Ranch Division continues this tradition by offering such services as:

  • Investor feasibility studies and analysis
  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Service contracts with affiliated financial services, accounting firms, attorneys, civil engineers, and soil analysis professionals
  • Merger, acquisition, and disposition strategies
  • Analysis of existing and future production, marketing, sales schedules and objectives
  • Letters of Intent, Offering Memoranda and Acquisition Agreements
  • Acquisition and sales negotiations
  • Post-transaction contact to ensure strategic and tactical execution of all investment objectives

Vineyard – Winery – Ranch Division