For Lease


We have specialists in all phases of commercial real estate.

One of our primary functions is to market, lease and sell office, industrial, and retail space to users/tenants. We understand the urgency and the expedience with which vacancies must be filled. Our job is to provide a marketing plan and most importantly provide the follow-up to keep the owner or developer well informed every step of the way.

Marketing space includes direct canvassing, advertising, informing, and updating the brokerage community, our website, and Loopnet on the availability of space. It also involves direct mail and email monthly to major commercial brokers including Oncor. Our program provides complete marketing programs for office, industrial, and retail buildings. We also prepare written feedback reports to keep the owner/developer informed.

An essential part of marketing space is being informed about comparable market rents of surrounding space including coupon rates and amenities offered in the market. Our indirect data allows us to provide the most complete and up to date market information.

The ability to work with tenants on a long-term basis is also very important. Tenants don't typically just go out and seek space. Space requirements are integral to long-range planning by companies. Space demand results from growth, new locations, consolidations and other strategic decisions. We are continually working on a program to assist the tenant in his long-range space decisions. Our focus is on real estate resources as a factor of production-contributing to the bottom-line in helping companies.

In any event, tenants want comprehensive surveys of space and evaluation of their facilities as part of the lease marketing process. Hence, having this long-range perspective in mind is very important in meeting the needs of today's tenants.

We serve tenants with the same comprehensive consulting services as landlords. We know that the tenant is the consumer – the final demand and income supporting the whole system of commercial space. So when you meet the tenants needs you're meeting the needs of owners as well.