Land Marketing


Land sales or development processing is one of the most demanding areas of brokerage. The changing laws, the proliferation of new fees and regulations, and the uncertainty of obtaining entitlements all contribute to the complexity of land processing and closing an escrow.

Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc.'s approach sets us apart. Because of our considerate transaction, development, and management experience, we offer our clients an added dimension of expertise and empathy. Also, our market purview is on a macro scale. We inventory and track statistics for the entire area, not just our listings. The complete market is contained in our computer database and is updated daily. Keegan & Coppin Company, Inc. tracks vacancy and absorption rates on a quarterly basis. All listings are posted on our website, Loopnet, the national M.L.S. system and are distribuited to ONCOR to regional and national brokers. We're local knowledge distributed globally.

Land sells in quantum jumps or in groups. In the short run there is very little price elasticity of demand. Land is not a commodity; it is an embodiment of entitlements. Only the technically astute can sell land. You must be familiar with policy statements, environmental reports, negative declarations, hazardous waste, wetlands, use permits and you must know the interchange and negotiation that goes on between political units in obtaining entitlements and the interweaving of departments in processing P.U.D. policy statements and tentative maps at the City and County level. Land is not sold in a vacuum or by the naive marketer.

Land requires knowledge of the relative returns and rewards of obtaining or completing entitlements. You must be knowledgeable on laying out projects and be able to forecase project costs and market rents to determine feasibility of developing an intended project. Once a property is in escrow, it requires the skill of an experience broker to manage the transaction through the maze of municipal departments to be able to assist the buyers in obtaining entitlements. The value of land is based on the entitlements obtained and whether the buyer can build the final project he desires.