Investment Services



We will comprehensively evaluate your property to show it in its best light and to maximize its potential. How to deal with vacancies? How to position the property in the market? Who are the probable buyers? How does the financing structure affect the valuation? What improvements would enhance marketability? Is the property competitively positioned in the market vs. other projects? We will gather input from experts and from the client's information to put together a complete analysis and the final marketing package.

As a member firm of the prestigious ONCOR International and extensive experience with regional and national brokers we will reach a wide range of investors. The ONCOR International (sm) organization is a member-based premier commercial real estate network. Headquartered in Parsippany NJ. As a subsidiary of Realogy Corporation, ONCOR International LLC has access to the resources of one of the most respected names in global real estate.

Our investor target list has been developed over a long period of time and includes the standard: REIT, advisors, institutions, insurance companies and, most important, our own market. Individuals, as over 75% of the market, are still individuals or partnerships. We will send a standard page summary sheet to our target investor lists and conduct a confidentiality agreement process to ensure secure information.

Buyers will receive the benefit of our full service background and vast networking nationwide to search for properties and conduct due diligence. We have a full complement of computer programs to analyze and provide sensitivity studies for the prospective investor. We have developed our own programs which we have found to be the most effective in portraying the actual and future models of a given investment. We include full 10-year and 15-year IRR sensitivity studies and Real Data full IRR, present value after tax, etc., however, the main presentation tool is still our two-page IRR spreadsheet and our bound presentation package.

Our Clients return to us again and again because of the success of building their portfolio over the years, knowing they have received impeccable attention from the moment they decide to sell their property and "trade-up" to the moment their escrow closes on their replacement property.

The team approach puts us in a unique position to draw upon the extensive knowledge and tactical experience of a pro-active team of professionals. We are familiar with conventional exchanges, reverse exchanges and are constantly updating our market data-base to reflect the ever-changing IRS regulations as they occur.

We maintain a vast marketing network through ONCOR International which enables us to track and monitor Commercial Investment Opportunities through-out the United States and are positioned to move quickly in order to secure the perfect investment for your trade or new investment.

We are your Exchange Professionals. Call today for your complimentary consultation and experience for yourself why Keegan and Coppin remains your best resource for Commercial Investing.